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Hip Labral Tear Treatment

The hip joint is comprised of a ball (the head of the femur) and socket (the acetabulum). The hard cartilage (labrum) that stabilises the hip joint is vulnerable to tear.

Causes of Hip Labral Tear

Labral tears occur in sports which involve sudden stops and turns combined with jumping and landing. A structural defect of the acetabulum, often where it is too shallow, may lead to tearing where there is trauma or overuse.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Hip Labral Tear

If you have labral tears, there may be swelling around the joint, causing pain in your hip and groin. There may also be a clicking, catching, locking or pinching sensation in the affected areas. However, sometimes labral tears produce no immediate symptoms. Our specialist will make a diagnosis with an X-ray or MRI scan.

Risks & Complication of Hip Labral Tear

Without treatment, hip labral tear may lead to hip osteoarthritis.

Treatment Options for Hip Labral Tear

Non-Surgical Options

  • Corticosteroid injection to reduce the inflammation
  • Oral Analgesic medication
  • Physiotherapy to help strengthen your hip

Surgical Option

  • If your symptoms have failed to respond to 8-9 weeks of nonsurgical treatment, our specialist may recommend hip arthroscopy to repair the tear and stimulate new cartilage growth.

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