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Shin Splints Specialist

Shin splints is a general term that isĀ  often used to describe exercise-induced pain felt in the front of the lower leg.

Causes of Shin Splints

Shin splints may have various causes but is usually a result of exercise. Failure to warn up properly before running, or an abrupt increase in training intensity can lead to shin splints, as can running on hard or inclined surfaces, poor technique, or foot abnormalities that place stress on the leg. It can also be caused by compartment syndrome.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Shin Splints

You may feel dull ache on the inner side of your shin that intensifies when you begin exercise. There may also be swelling. Our specialist will diagnose the condition through physical examination, and rule out other conditions with an MRI scan.

Risks & Complications of Shin Splints

Untreated shin splints may stop you from doing any running. In serious cases, it may cause stress fractures of the tibia.

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