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Groin Strain Treatment

The term “groin strain”, or “adductor strain”, refers to the overstretching, tearing, or rupturing of any of the muscles of the inner thigh.

Treatment for Groin Strain

If you are diagnosed with a mild-to-moderate groin strain, treatment options include oral analgesics or physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is to improve the muscle strength.

If you are diagnosed with a complete tear of the muscle, our specialist may recommend surgery to repair the tear.

Causes of Groin Strain

Groin Strain is frequently caused by strenuous stretching movements of the legs, or by sudden changes in direction. Overuse of the adductor muscles can lead to inflammation in the groin (adductor tendinopathy).

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Groin Strain

Depending on the severity of the strain, you may feel mild discomfort to severe pain toward the top of your inner thigh. You may also find it painful to pull your leg against resistance, and there may be swelling and bruising on your inner thigh. Our specialist will diagnose the condition from your medical history and a physical examination. You may be given an ultrasound or MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis.

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