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Rib Fracture Specialist

The ribs protect the heart, lung and other organs from injury. Heavy impact to the torso can lead to the ribs being fractured.

Causes of Rib Fracture

Rib fractures are usually the result of a blow and occur mainly in collision sports such as football.


Symptoms & Diagnosis

You will feel pain in your ribs, which may increase when you inhale or cough. Our doctor will usually make a diagnosis through a physical examination, and may also suggest an X-ray to confirm it.

Risks & Complications

Pain from a rib fracture may cause you to take a shallow breaths and suppress coughing, which can ultimately lead to a chest infection. In more serious fractures, there may be damage to underlying organs such as your lungs.

Treatment for Rib Fracture

Seek medical attention and oral medications may be prescribed.

If you are diagnosed with rib fracture, our doctor may encourage you to breathe normally and cough frequently, despite the increased pain, to prevent mucus from accumulating in your chest.

Physiotherapy may be recommended to use electrotherapy to reduce inflammation and aims to put you to a near-full range of spinal motion with minimal pain.

Rib Fracture Specialist

Dr Tan Chin Yik, Orthopaedic Specialist

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