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Inner (medial) knee pain

You may have pain over, or just below, the inner side of your knee. It may be worse when you bend and straighten your leg. Your knee may feel as if it is about to give way, may lock (get stuck) or catch when you bend your leg.

Treatment of inner knee pain

The treatment that you have for your inner knee pain will depend on what condition is causing the pain.

Managing inner knee pain

Immediately after an injury, you can help yourself by resting your leg, using an ice pack and taking painkillers. If you can’t put weight on your leg, you may need crutches. Avoid twisting or bending the knee as far as possible.

You should see a doctor if:

  • you cannot put weight on the affected leg
  • you have severe pain, even when not bearing weight
  • your knee gives way, clicks, or locks (gets stuck)
  • your knee is deformed or misshapen
  • your knee is hot, red or very swollen or you have a fever
  • you have pain, swelling, numbness, tingling, or a bluish discoloration in your calf
  • you’re still in pain after three days

Diagnosis of inner knee pain

Your doctor will examine your knee and take a history, asking about:

  • the type of pain you have, when it started and whether it comes and goes
  • how active you are
  • any activity, accident or injury that could have caused it

They may suggest anĀ X-rayĀ or aĀ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Ā scan, but this is not always necessary.

If you have cartilage or ligament damage, your doctor may suggest a procedure to look inside your knee, called anĀ arthroscopyĀ (often referred to as ‘keyhole surgery’). This involves making a small cut in your knee and inserting a thin tube with a camera on the end. As well as diagnosing the problem, the procedure can also be used to repair or remove damaged tissue.

Inner knee pain symptoms

Other symptoms you may have with inner knee pain will vary, depending on the cause. You may have swelling, pain with particular movements and your knee may click or get stuck in one position (lock).

Conditions associated with inner knee pain

There are several medical conditions linked to inner knee pain. Generally, they’re caused by damage from a sports injury, from overusing the knee during exercise or from getting older.

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