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ACL Injury Treatment

If you are diagnosed with a mild ACL sprain, our specialist may:

  • prescribe pain-relief medication
  • non-weight bearing exercise

If you are diagnosed with an ACL tear, our specialist may:

  • advise surgery (arthroscopy) to repair the ACL using tendon tissue from another part of your body.

If you have not had surgery, and your injury is healing as expected, our specialist may:

  • refer you to physiotherapist to regain the strength

If you had surgery done, you may

  • referred to physiotherapist for a programme of rehabilitation

Knee ACL Tear

ACL Tear

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four main ligaments in the knee that work together to strengthen and stabilise the knee joint. Most sprains and ruptures to this ligament are the result of sudden twisting movement, but may also be caused by impact.

Causes of ACL Injury

In general, knee ligament injuries commonly occur in collision and contact sports. The anterior cruciate ligament may tear if the knee is twisted abnormally or if the leg receives a direct blow, often to the tibia (shin bone), when the foot is firmly planted in the ground. An awkward fall in a sport such as skiing can also cause injury to this ligament.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of ACL Injury

If you have strained or ruptured your anterior cruciate ligament, you will have severe pain and swelling in your knee. You may also hear an audible “pop” at that time of the injury. Your knee may feel unstable and painful when you put weight on it, and you may not be able to straighten it. Our specialist will usually make a diagnosis from a physical examination but may recommend an MRI scan to confirm.

Risks & Complications of ACL Injury

An untreated injury to your anterior cruciate ligament can lead to further damage to your other knee structures, and to permanent instability and pain in your knee. If your case is particularly extreme, you will suffer severe degeneration of the knee, and osteoarthritis may set in.

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