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Hand Fracture Specialist

Fracture of the hand is common. A heavy impact may break one or more bones.

Hand Fracture

Causes of Hand Fracture

A direct blow to the back of the hand may cause metacarpal fractures. Falling on the hand may also lead to this injury.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Your hand may be painful and you may not be able to move your fingers or make a fist. If you canĀ  make a fist, your fingers may not align. Bruising may appear a few days after injury and your finger may seem twisted, or shorter. Our hand specialist will make a diagnosis through physical examination and an X-ray.

Risks & Complications

If a broken bone heals irregularly, you may be at risk of osteoarthritis. You may also have fragments of broken bone in your hand, which could require surgery to remove them.

Hand Fracture Treatments

Simple Hand Fracture

  • Immobilise your hand in a cast, splint or brace
  • Nonsurgically realign your bones

Complex Hand Fracture

  • Surgery to stabilise and align the bones

Children & Adult Hand Fracture Specialist

Dr Kevin Yip

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