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Broken Finger

Fractures of the finger and thumb are very common injuries. These injuries can seriously affect the functioning of the hand if not diagnosed and treated appropriately.

Causes of Finger Fracture

The finger bones are particularly vulnerable to injury because they do not have a thick, protective covering of soft tissue. Falls onto hard surfaces, direct blows, and indirect force applied to a finger by accidental collision may cause a fracture or dislocation.

finger fracture

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Fingers can be fractured in many different ways, but the symptoms are similar: you will experience pain when touching your finger and have difficulty moving it, as well as swelling, stiffness, and tenderness. Your finger may suddenly be appear crooked. If your fracture is close to the nail bed, a bruise may be visible under your nail. Our specialist will carry out physical examination and your will have an X-ray to confirm the severity of your fracture.

Treatment for Finger Fracture

Mild to moderate Finger Fracture

  • Manipulation of the finger to the correct position
  • Splinting or taping for support
  • Oral anti-inflammatories

Severe Finger Fracture

  • Surgery to realign and support the broken finger with pins, plates and screws.

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