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Hand, Wrist & Upper Limb Specialist

SgOrtho is a leader in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with hand, wrist, and upper limb/extremity injuries and disorders in Singapore.

SgOrtho is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and care of hand, wrist, elbow and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Whether you suffer from a chronic disorder, a deformity, or have the misfortune of an acute injury, it is the sole focus of the SgOrtho Hand & Orthopaedic surgeons to ensure high-quality comprehensive treatment and a speedy recovery.

Your visit to SgOrtho is supported by our convenient, in-hospital x-ray imaging center, and should physiotherapy care be warranted, treatment at our in-clinic physiotherapist. While most patients benefit from conservative treatments, in the event surgery is required, Gleneagles Hospital offers a safe, comfortable, and convenient setting for outpatient surgeries.

Hand & Wrist Conditions

Wrist Sprain Trigger Finger Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although the wrist appears simple from the outside, inside of the joint is a complex interconnection of ligament, bones, cartilage and tendons.

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Trigger finger is a very common condition that affects the tendon that bend the fingers and thumb.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is condition where a nerve is compressed as it enters the hand near the base of the palm.
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