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Stress Fracture Specialist Treatment

Immobilisation of the area that is injured. X-rays will be taken to see the extent of the fracture of the bone. If the X-ray does not show fracture, an MRI or CT scan may be required.

Stress Fracture of the Fot

Stress fracture is a common overuse injury. Occurs more at the foot, ankle and the shin areas. Other regions around the hip, sacrum and lumbar spine are less common.

Early Warning Signs for Stress Fracture

  • Pain on activity, at a specific site within the foot
  • Pain reduces with rest
  • Pain does not go away as activity increases, and gets worse

Progression of Stress Fracture

Usually pain limits you doing any further damage, however, for those able to continue, the pain will eventually get worse as the site and spread of the injury gets worse, prolonging your healing time once you eventually stop.

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