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Children & Adult Humerus Fracture Specialist

Most fractures of the humerusĀ (the upper arm bone) occur when an older person breaks a fall with an arm extended. However, in a sporting context, humerus fractures also occur through heavy impact.

Humerus fractures may also result from a fall onto an outstretched arm.

Humerus Fracture

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Your arm will be painful & swollen, with restricted movement. There may also be bruising around the fracture. Our doctor will make a diagnosis by assessing your symptoms and carrying out a physical examination. Our doctor will then recommend an X-ray to ascertain the severity and extent of your fracture.

Risks & Complications

If you have a severe fracture, particularly if you are elderly, there is a risk of some permanent loss of mobility of your arm.

Treatment Options for Humerus Fracture

If you are diagnosed with simple fracture of the humerus, nonsurgically realign the affected bones and immobilise your arm with a sling, splint or cast.

If your fracture is severe, you will probably need surgery to repair the fracture.

Humerus Fracture Specialist

Dr Kevin Yip, Orthopaedic Specialist

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