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Children & Adult Forearm Fracture Specialist

There is a huge potential for falling onto the forearm or for the forearm to receive a powerful bow. Consequently, the bones of the forearm – the radius and the ulna – are vulnerable to fracture.Forearm Fracture

Causes for Forearm Fracture

Fractures often occur where falls or direct force on the forearm especially falling on hard surfaces, impacting the forearm.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

If you have broken either one or both of the bones in your forearm, you may have severe pain and swelling in the limb and be unable to move it. Your forearm may also be visibly deformed, for example if the fracture is displaced or the skin is broken by fragmented bone. Our doctor will carry out a physical examination and arrange for an X-ray to confirm the diagnosis. The X-ray will also establish whether you have sustained any other injuries, such as a wrist or elbow dislocation.


Simple Forearm Fracture

Doctor will realign your broken bone and put your arm in a cast; after a week, the position of the fracture will be checked on X-ray.

Complex Forearm Fracture

Surgery to repair the bone

Forearm Fracture Specialist

Dr Kevin Yip

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