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Calf Pain Specialist

The group of muscles that make up the calf provide the power for extending the foot and raising the heel. Explosive contractions of these muscles can cause strains and, less commonly, rupture of the muscle fibres.

Causes of Calf Pain

Calf pain are common in activities which involve repeated explosive activities such as sprinting and jumping or push against resistance. An abrupt, forceful contraction occurs, causing strain to the tendons or muscles. Ruptures of the calf usually occur to the gastrocnemius muscle, and are the result of a massive contraction of that muscle, usually when jumping, landing, or accelerating.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Calf Pain

If you strain your calf muscle, you may have tightness, stiffness, intense pain, and swelling in your lower leg. If you rupture your gastrocnemius muscle, you may hear a sound similar to the cracking of a whip at the time of injury.Ā  Our specialist will make a diagnosis through physical examination of your lower leg, and confirm the extent of the injury with an MRI scan or ultrasound scan.

Risks & Complications of Calf Pain

If you think you have damaged your calf, you should always consult a doctor as there is a risk that blood clots may form in your leg.

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