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Private Orthopaedic Treatment

Get back on your feet sooner with our highly specialist care


With a focus on returning you to your full activity, our specialists are experts in

  • Pain Prevention

  • Pain Management

  • Performance in Sports

We help in the management of:

  • Low Back & Neck Disorders (Spondylosis)
  • All sports injuries
  • Sacroliliac joint pain
  • Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff tendonitis, Acromioclavicular joint injuries, Tennis / Golfer’s elbow, Wrist & hand injuries, Trigger finger
  • Arthritis of hips, knees, knee cap, ankle & foot
  • Muscle & ligament injuries
  • Cervicogenic headaches / muscle trigger points
  • Nerve pain from the low back and neck
  • Scoliosis
  • Post-operative joint replacement management

Who Can Benefit?

  • People with acute & chronic low back and neck disorders
  • Athletes with spine injuries (Golfers, Swimmers, Marathon runners, Cricketers, Rugby, Hockey, etc)
  • People under post – operative spinal care
  • People who want to prevent back and neck disorders
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